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Big projects (or those that stretch our comfort zones) can cause stress, slow us down and make realizing our dreams and goals feel cumbersome. This week’s TNT provides a formula to help you organize your project and get moving again.

Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool): Get Organized and Kiss Your Stress Goodbye

“The key to a successful to-do list lies in three little words: “simple,” “realistic,” and “accessible.” – Bob Adams

Enlarging our comfort zones, embarking on new projects, or making changes of any size can feel overwhelming and scary. Our minds may run amok and give us all sorts of reasons for maintaining the status quo. But if we pay attention we will notice that underneath the surface is a rumbling, ever begging us to fulfill our dreams and goals.

A key to breaking down the barriers that keep us stuck is chunking down our projects into small and manageable pieces. The following 7-steps will serve to guide you:

 1.  Write the project you wish to accomplish on a piece of paper. (It’s amazing how this small step can relieve the burden of carrying it in your head!)

2.  Make a list of everything that needs to happen in order to succeed. For instance, clearing a room of clutter may require that you sort through papers, donate books, and discard broken items.

3.  Prioritize your list in order of importance.

4.  Create a target date in which to complete each piece of the project. Make sure your timeline is realistic. Don’t stress yourself by taking on more than you can reasonably accomplish.

5.  Don’t focus on your “failures.”  Use them as learning opportunities. Be gentle with yourself; set smaller goals; seek support, if needed and; make a commitment to begin again.

6.  Take breaks, as needed. (Very important! Honoring your body/mind will help you create momentum and achieve success more consistently than plowing through.)

7.  Celebrate your successes. Have lunch with a friend or treat yourself to something special. Honor yourself in whatever way most pleases you.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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