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Do you ever want to ask for something, but shy away because you are afraid of being rejected? Or that your request is too outrageous? A couple of days ago, I had a wonderful reminder of just how awesome asking can be!

Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool)  Just Ask

Years ago I participated in a four-day program called “On Course,”  a personal development program offered through The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. People who attended “On Course” and “EST,” told me the programs were similar, with the exeception of “On Course” being the more spritutal of the two.

One of the modules focused on making requests and asking for what we wanted, regardless of how outrageous we, or others, might think our requests to be. It was quite brilliant! Michael and Paulette Sun, who taught the course, challenged us to stretch our comfort zones and ask for what we really wanted, rather than asking for second best. The caveat was that we let go of our attachments and to be willing to hear whatever answer we received – which could be “yes,” “no,” or a negotiated verson of our requests. I felt liberated and took it to heart and ran with it. However, I must confess, being human, there have been times I’ve forgotten those words of wisdom and have had a slip or two. Fast forward…

As you may know, I’ve written my first e-book entitled  “Alphabet Affirmations To Transform Your Life and Love  Yourself,” and have gotten some great reviews. A few days ago, I felt inspired to contact Dr. Bernie Siegel (founder of Exceptional Cancer Patients and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, among other books), and ask for a review. I felt a bit reluctant, after all, he was renowned surgeon and published author.  And then, the better part of me kicked in!  How would I know what his response would be unless I asked?  Astonished, I received a reply within minutes and got an awesome review later that day.

The next time you’re hestiant to ask for something “big,” take a breath, get support, if needed, then go ahead and do it! You may hear “yes,” “no,” or receive an alternative response. If you keep an open mind, a postive outlook, and let go of the outcome, the answer may surprise you!

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