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As a Reconnective Healer and Life Coach, three things I often hear people talk about are their needs for more energy, time and sleep. Do you resonate?

One way to increase your energy is by letting go of what drains you. Ironically, we often turn to those very things – TV, food, sugar, alcohol, (can you name a few others?) to give us a boost or to help us relax. Hmmm….time for a dose of more effective medicine!

This simple change may not be easy, but it will help to improve your energy, brighten your mood and create more time to do the things that are important to you, but first, you must be willing to get off the couch! Ready? Take a breath! Here it comes! Can you guess?

Remove the Tube!

You might be ahead of me on this one. I have to admit, I am sucker for TV. I like watching the News Hour and have a few favorite shows (no, not all on PBS!). If you have resistance to removing your tube, or aren’t sure what you’ll replace it with, here’s a little story to encourage you!

Some years ago, I took a 12-week course called The 4 T Prosperity Program (Tithe Your Time, Talents and Treasure); a spiritual class created by Stretton Smith to help his students create greater joy and prosperity in their lives. I took the course at Sacred Center with August Gold, the church’s minister, who insisted on adding a little something extra of her own to the syllabus: a 12-week requirement to “turn the volume down,” by reducing our exposure to the news, and  unplugging the television. Whew! The resistance in the room was palpable!  After all, what would one do to relax and “tune out?”

Although I cheated to watch the Obama-Clinton debates (the class took place during the primaries), I stepped up and met the challenge! Much to my delight, I noticed several unexpected changes: I slept better (no late night TV interfering with my dream time!), felt happier when I woke, began a photo project I had been neglecting, and made connections with friends I hadn’t previously had time for. In essence, my life began to improve.  And yours can, too!

You may not be ready to remove the tube permanently, but why not experiment for the next week or two? Try replacing your viewing time with something more fun and satisfying. Like that class you’ve been meaning to take, the book you’ve been wanting to read, the project that’s been sitting on your shelf, or an activity that would increase your sense of joy and prosperity. And remember, prosperity isn’t just about money!

To join in the experiment, click on “Comments,” located next to the blog title, and let me know what you choose to substitute in place of the tube, then come back next week to share your results.

As always, I would love to hear your comments.

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