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Do things sometimes (or often!) feel like they’re taking longer than they should? Do you wonder if your plans will ever take root?  Today’s TNT may shed light on your path.

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Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) Maybe So, Maybe Not

I facilitated a stress management program for the American Red Cross a few months following 9/11. The program focused on teaching participants mind-body techniques to help manage their stress and begin to gently move forward with their lives.

At the end of the workshop a lovely man, who I will call Bob, came up to speak with me. He had been working for the New York City Fire Department, and had resigned his post as a firefighter shortly before the attack on the World Trade Center. When he saw news of the event on CNN, he threw his old Engine House T-shirt on and ran downtown to help. He was running toward Twin Tower Two to join his fellow firefighers, when he stopped to help a man struggling to manage a fire hose.The delay literally saved Bob’s life, as minutes later, the building collapsed, with his buddies inside.

We’ve all heard stories of people who’ve avoided tragedies because of a delay, whether it was missing a flight, being late for work, or taking a wrong turn off the freeway, and thereby avoiding an accident. And of others, who have experienced a success, because their original plans fell through and hadn’t worked out. We can never see the entire story – we can only view the chapter that we’re currently living.

Should you feel frustrated with plans that have seemingly gone awry, and think things may not be working out in your favor, remember this famous Buddhist saying, “Maybe So, Maybe Not.” The block you are experiencing may be a blessing in disguise.
With love,
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