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I’ve been reading a wonderful book, entitled  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, by Dr. Joe Dispensa, a chiropractor who received post graduate training in neurology, neuroscince, brain function and cellular biology.

I first met Dr. Joe, as he’s affectionately known, in Munich, Germany, while attenting a conference on Reconnective Healing. Dr. Joe was one of the presenters. His quote about surrender popped out at me while riding the subway this morning. As always, it was such a great reminder! You can read it in the TNT below.

Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) Intention or Attachment?

“The universial intelligence that animates the existence of all things will both surprise and delight you.” 

– Dr. Joe Dispensa

We are all familiar with setting intentions – the vision of what we wish our lives to be.

While studying to be a Practitioner at the Center of Spiritual Living, I learned the power of Affirmative Prayer and the process of visioning: We name what we want, we embody it on a feeling level, and release it. When we are in alignment with what we want, on a thinking and feeling level, this three-step process can work miracles in our lives. I’ve seen the power of affirmative prayer in my life, and in the lives of my clients and friends.

If you haven’t experienced the art of deliberate creation, you may not be on a vibrational level equipment to what you want and/or may be attached to the outcome of how you want the universe’s response to appear.  The later is a dream killer.

In his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispensa has this to say:

     “You can’t both surrender and try to control the outcome. Surrender requires that you give up what you think you know from your limited mind, especially your belief about how this problem in your life should be taken care of.  To truly surrender is to let go of the ego’s control; trust in an outcome that you haven’t thought of yet; and allow this all-knowing, loving intelligence to take over and provide the best solution for you. You  must come to the understanding that this invisible power is real, fully conscious of you, and can completely take care of any aspect of the personality. When you do, it will organize your life in a way that is just right for you.”

The last sentence is a tenet of both Reconnective Healing and Affirmative Prayer. In Reconnective Healing, we show up, ready and willing to observe our experience and let the Universe design the healing that’s right for us; in Affirmative Prayer, we declare what we want, and let go of the how. It’s all a part of letting go and surrendering.

The next time you envision, or pray for something you want, – a physical healing, a relationship, or financial abundance, imagine yourself opening to the Universe responding in a way that’s different than you think.

With love, Theresa

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