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Ever have one of those days, months or years? Do you feel like you’ve been living under a dark cloud, and that nothing is working out? Don’t fret! Today’s TNT will help you discover your breakthrough!

Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) Breakdowns

“When we are concerned with something bigger than ourselves, our fears are greatly diminished.  We sense ourselves as being part of a bigger whole – we are not alone, and perhaps for the first time, are aware of a sense of purpose.” – Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Every breakdown has a breakthrough. For the last year or so, I’ve been noticing a variety of mishaps – from the handle on my refrigerator unexpectedly breaking off when attempting to open it, to my car not starting, computers crashing and getting a fourth printer in the space of a year.

Situations, such as these, can be incredibly frustrating (I know!) and create a lot of stress and anxiety. Today, while walking to an appointment, I was reminded that breakdowns are not the end of the story! While we may not know when, or how, or what the breakthrough will be, we can true that there is something bigger wanting to unfold in our lives.

The next time you experience a series of breakdowns, ask yourself what life is wanting to tell you.  You might like to journal on the question, or simply sit and meditate and be open to the answer that’s revealed, then write it down so you can read it when you need a reminder.

Pay attention to where life is taking you and follow the energy’s flow. Trust that things working out for you are signs leading to your breakthrough.

Disclaimer: Please note the exercises or tips provided by me, in any form, are used at your own risk and are your personal responsibility. 

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