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Dear Friends,

Regardless of where we are in our lives, we’re likely to experience times of stress and need some gentle reminders to let go of our angst and re center ourselves.

I created a lovely affirmation as a handout for participants in my stress management workshops.  It’s short and sweet and hope you’ll find it helpful.

1.  Begin by taking a couple of  breaths, letting go of of any tension, as you bring yourself into the present moment.

2.  When you’re ready, take another breath and as you inhale silently repeat the affirmation, “I Am a Center of Peace.” Feel yourself relax as you breathe out any stress or painful sensations.

3.  Continue breathing, silently repeating the affirmation as you let go of any remaining tension. Notice the sense of peace that fills your body, as you feel the sensation to expand from head to toe.

4.  Repeat the process until you feel peaceful and relaxed.

5.  When you’re ready, take a cleansing breath, and return to the room, refreshed.

As an added benfit, you might like to print the photo below*** and hang it where you can see it, as reminder to stop and take a breath.

And for those of you living in the U.S., wishing you a fun and wonderful holiday weekend!

With love,

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