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This week’s TNT takes us back in time to those inspired lyrics written by Nat King Cole – “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off…” (recall the words? You got it!) “…and start all over again!”

Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) Your Success Is On The Horizon

“Pick yourself off, take a deep breath, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” – Nat King Cole

What great lyrics! What a great reminder!

I recalled the song as I was studying for my Italian class on the subway yesterday. (Thankfully, I have a few chapters of the textbook we’re using on my iPhone, which gives me much needed time to review as I am traveling to and from appointments in the city!)

I had read Capitolo Due (Chapter 2)  many times, but was still struggling with a few grammar points – among them the section on indefinite articles (hard enough to recall what the term meant in English!), particularly as it related to the world “buono,” and when to drop the “o” at the end of the word. (Yes, that’s right! It’s “good!” The jingle “Ronzoni soon buoni,” that I grew up hearing as a child finally made sense!). What a joy it was to have the lights turn on and finally understand the grammar.

We often go through the same process in life. Learning something new requires time and patience – whether we’re learning a new language, a new behavior, or a new skill set. Small steps, taken over time, lead to steady progress. Don’t give up before the miracle! Your success is on the horizon!

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