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“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we are not extending in the present.” – Marianne Williamson

Life constantly shows us our level of generosity.  We may experience a sense of lack and limitation, or feel generous and abundant, all within the same set of circumstances. Our responses depend upon our beliefs and perceptions, at any given moment. The good news is, the more aware we are of our reactions and behaviors, the more at choice we are to change.

Withholding love in all its forms is painful. It stems from fear and gets in the way of giving and receiving, which is our natural state of being. Withholding love can show up in myriad ways: we may feel anger or resentful; jealous or inferior; judgmental or confused; greedy or deprived; selfish or unkind; or experience numerous other emotions! Paradoxically, the more we give, the more bountiful our lives – when done with kindness and magnanimity.

If you would like to experience greater love and abundance in your life, extend your generosity!

This Weeks TNT:

Notice the places you hold back from giving. It may be as simple as not loaning a stranger your pen! Or not sharing your time, resources or experience.

Do the same with receiving. Notice how open you are to accept the generosity of others.

Be aware of how you feel in your body.  Are you comfortable with giving and receiving? Or do you feel tense and uneasy? Notice how you feel without judgment, to the degree that you are able.

If you would like to increase your level of generosity, ask yourself how you would like to feel and what you would like to do when given the opportunity to do it. You most certainly will have another chance! Little by little, you will expand your capacity!

As always, I would love to hear your experience and comments.

With love, Theresa

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