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Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) 12 Steps to Organize Your Project   Leave a comment

“Sometimes if you’re not sure about something you just have to jump off the bridge and grow your wings on the way down.” – Danielle Steel

Today, I created a list of my top seven goals (who needs to wait until the New Year?); things I’ve been thinking about, but haven’t been acting on – at least not with an organized plan! Among my top three goals is publishing my next book, which will include 365 Tip ‘N Tools (one for each day of the year) on topics such as joy, health, safety, love, and belonging, among others. My mission is to inspire my readers to reconnect to their inner being, enhance their sense of happiness, and provide support to help them take consistent actions to fulfill their goals and dreams. The book will be based on more than 25 years of experience working with clients in the coaching, healing, and training fields.

I chose my writing project as the first among my seven goals to organize. Next, I created a plan to bridge the gap between where I am am now (just starting) and a date I deemed realistic for publishing my book. I then broke the project down into 12 steps I need to take, along with timelines, in order to reach my publication date. The process I just outlined helped me to organize and visualize my project in an orderly and doable way.

It’s easy to procrastinate on the things we would like to do, or experience, until we have a plan and take committed action. And when we do, we build our confidence, and feel energized and hopeful.

THIS WEEK’S TNT: 12 Steps to Organize Your Project

Step 1: Brainstorm a list of one to seven goals you would like to achieve, but haven’t yet acted on, or created a plan to attain it.

Step 2: From the list of goals you brainstormed, choose one that most energizes and excites you.

***Step 3: Decide on a realistic date for accomplishing it.***

Step 4: “Bridge the gap,” by breaking your goal down into manageable and achievable steps you know you can accomplish.

Stretch yourself, but make the steps attainable.

For instance, if you want to write a book, one step might be researching publishers who publish the type of content you wish to write about.

Step 5: Create realistic timelines for completing each of the steps you outlined above, in order to reach your target date.

Step 6: See if the date for completing your project lines up with your timelines, or if you need to adjust it.

For instance, using the example of publishing a book, if your target date for publication is February 30, 2019, but it will take you until April 1, 2019 to complete all of the steps in your plan, adjust your target date accordingly.

If you like, schedule each step into your calendar to remind you of your actions, and reinforce your timelines.

Step 7:  Print out your action plan and place it where you can see it.

Step 8: Create a plan to address resistance, when and if it should occur.

For instance, you can talk with a supportive friend, join a writer’s group (if writing is your goal), or hire a coach or other professional who can help you through the process.

You can also reflect on what’s getting in the way, and how you can address it.

Step 9: Follow-through on the steps you have committed to.

Step 10: If you find yourself struggling, imagine yourself being support, and carried along by the process.

Step 11: Acknowledge each step you complete and celebrate your successes!

For instance, as you complete each piece of your plan, stop and savor the feelings of satisfaction, joy, and achievement.  

Step 12: Use the same process to complete your other projects when you’re ready!

As long as you keep moving forward, you’re guaranteed to cross the bridge!

***Note: You can also write your timelines first, and then establish your projected completion date.


Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Author and Workshop Facilitator with more than 25 years experience. Theresa specializes in helping her clients manage their stress, realize their dreams, and create healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

You can find her book, “Alphabet Affirmations: Transform Your Life and Love Yourself,”  on Amazon.


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Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) Grace, Plus Special Announcments   Leave a comment

“I do not understand the mystery of Grace – only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us.” – Anne Lamott

I recently had the opportunity to support a friend who is struggling with uncertainty and change, something I’m sure most, if not all of us can relate to, especially in these turbulent times.

Yet, by whatever name we call it: Grace, The Universe, Energy, God, Love, Source, or something else, there is a power for good at work in our lives, but it’s up to us to quiet our minds and connect to it.

I felt a deep sense of compassion as I listened to my friend talk about the lack of direction she has been feeling about where to move, as she can no longer stay where she is living. I woke the following morning inspired to share a prayer from A Course in Miracles (ACIM):

God, show me where you would have me go,

What you would have me do,

What you would have me say,

And to whom.

My friend and I continued to email and kept our conversation going. I was later inspired to send her an entry from my e-book, “Alphabet Affirmations: Transform Your Life and Love Yourself,” which seemed to deeply touch her. It comes from the letter “D.”

“I am Divinely guided and make Decisions that Delight me!”

My friend wrote back thanking me, and told me she was almost crying as she read the affirmation, and shared that clarity seemed a very distant and vague idea. She was comforted by my words.

Grace comes in many forms. An inspiring word, a hand extended from a friend, an unexpected gift or blessing.

It’s easy for the mind to focus on what’s wrong and not see the the miracles that are unfolding right before us.  A few days ago a friend told me had coats she is no longer using and asked me if I wanted them. She knew the zipper on my jacket had broken and I hadn’t yet found a replacement. We met for coffee a few days later and she brought the two coats with her. They are exactly what I had been looking for and appear to be brand new.  I so appreciated her kind and generous gesture.

As Jean Houston likes to say, “What we appreciate, appreciates.” As we reflect on the good in our lives, it opens up the channels for Life’s grace and blessings to flow to us.


Notice where you are feeling stuck or experiencing a lack of clarity or direction.

Then, for the next week, take note of the good things occurring in your life.

Start your day by expecting something wonderful!

You might like to practice standing with eyes closed and arms outstretched, while repeating the following affirmation:

“I am now open to receive all of Life’s blessings.”

Then see what happens!

The blessings will likely come in unexpected ways.

Take time to reflect on them and soak in the good feelings,

And open to Life’s ever-present Grace.

With love,





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Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing® Practitioner, Author, and Workshop Facilitator with more 25 years experience. Theresa specializes in helping her clients manage their stress, realize their dreams and create happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

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Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool): A Time For Joy & Renewal, Plus Spring Special   Leave a comment

Spring is an exciting time! With it, comes a sense of fresh energy, a time for renewal and the budding of new ideas after the harshness of winter.

As with spring cleaning, it is a time for clearing out the cobwebs that may have clouded our minds. As we do so, we gain a fresh perspective and an awareness of solutions to problems and situations that may have previously alluded us.

Riding on the energy of spring, ask yourself: “What do I need to do to experience more joy and renewal in my life?” Act on the intuition you receive, and let the inspiration from within guide you.

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Spring Special Offer:  6-Week Coaching Package at 25% Savings

Coaching is a proven and powerful way to get your life on track.  Our weekly coaching sessions will provide you with support, encouragement and clarity, so you can succeed in making the changes you desire to make and get your life moving again.

Your goal may be something intangible, like experiencing a greater sense of peace, or something more concrete, like improving your health, completing a project, or finding work you love. As your coach, my mission is to help you succed in realizing your dreams and making the changes you desire to make.

This month’s Special Spring Offer Includes:

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Coaching sessions are customized to address your unique needs and may include: creating a vision for your life, addressing daily realities, identifying and working through blocks that may be standing in the way of your success, determining priorities and designing weekly actions to fulfill your goals and dreams, and so much more.

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Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing® Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator with more than 25 years experience. Theresa specializes in helping her clients manage their stress, realize their dreams, and create healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.  To learn more, visit Theresa’s website or email her at


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Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) The Art of Caring   Leave a comment


Having spent seven years caring for my elderly father, I used to think caregiving was a term explicity used when caring for an elderly or ailing family member. However, my concept of caregiving began to change when a friend called me to task and proclaimed that as a mom, she was a caregiver, too.  Her comment got me thinking.

I have since realized that caregiving takes many forms and spans across multiple professions, including those who care for our health, well-being and communities: therapists, doctors, healthcare providers, healers, aids, coaches, police officers, fire fighters, and members of our armed forces, among others.

This week’s TNT provides practical tips for anyone involved in the art of caring.

Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool): The Art of Caring


As a caregiver, you may find the balance between caring for the needs of your loved one and yourself difficult. You may wrestle with guilt, remorse, anger, frustration, and resentment, and then judge or berate yourself for feeling that way.  And over the long haul, your own health and well-being may suffer. Having been my father’s primary caregiver, and coached many a client and friend, I speak from personal experience. There are several things you can do, however, to maintain (or regain!) your sense of balance.

The following tips will help to nourish your body, mind and soul, and in the process, serve to prevent burnout.

* Take a breath break!

Although breathing is involuntary, and something we inherently do, we often create physical and emotional tension by unconsciously holding our breath when under stress. (Can you relate?) This disrupts our biochemistry, prevents oxygen from nourishing the cells, and builds toxins in the body. The simple act of breathing will improve your health, reduce anxiety, and help you respond, rather than react, when in crises or feeling under duress.

To implement, simply stop at various times throughout the day to tune in to your body and notice your breathing.  If you are holding your breath, stop what you are doing and take a moment to consciously breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As your breathe in, notice the air as it touches your  nostrils. Repeat two more times, then notice any changes you may feel (more relaxed for instance, or a release of tension). Set the alarm on your phone or other device to check again in 30 minutes. It’s as simple as that!  Applied often enough, it will become a habit.

* Get inspired!

I get it. We’re all busy. But inspiration rocks! And surely, you can find 10-minutes (ok, five will do for starters) to nourish your spirit and prepare for the day. Read something you love, stop to smell a flower or admire something beautiful on the way to work, sing, dance or listen to music. There are 1440 minutes in a day. You can rest assured you’re entitled to at leat five of them!

Inspiration feeds the body, mind, and soul and releases endorphins that will energize and strengthen you.  Not only that, your self-esteem will get a face lift to boot, and you’ll be better able to maintain your sense of optimism and creativity. Important components in the art of self-care and balance.

* Make a date!

Thank Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way for this one.

Take time for yourself once week to go on a dream date. If you need to start slow, even an hour or two will do much to improve your mood, enhance your health and enrich your relationships. Get your nails done, visit your favorite museum, or take yourself out to lunch. In other words – take some time out to enjoy and replenish yourself!

Don’t think you have time? Or financial resources? I can dig it. Sit and make a list of all the things you like to do that are low-cost or free. Then, block the time out in your calendar, as you would a “real” date and do it! You are important!

(Tip: If you like museums, check to see if the ones in your community offer a free or “pay as you wish” day. Many local colleges also offer low cost, fun programs.)

* Set boundaries

We all overextend ourselves at one point in time or another. After all, our nature is to give. The problem occurs when we overextend ourselves on a regular basis, and our giving becomes hazardous to our sense of well-being.

For instance, you’ve likely heard the story (true or not) about the mother whose child gets lodged under a car after being run over by a distracted driver. Frightened for her child, she digs deep within herself and finds the strength to lift the car in order to save him. That’s an awesome feat! But if it happened everyday, once a week or even once a month, she would either be a superwoman or burn out from exhaustion. The same holds true when you are consistently stretched beyond the limits of what you can naturally give, with no relief to help or support you.

We want to give our best.  We love the people to whom we give care. And let’s face it, it’s sometimes hard to say no. We don’t want to disappoint or may fear disapproval. Or, on the other hand, we may be afraid to give up control (guilty!) because we believe that we can do whatever needs to be done better than anyone else. Well, that might be true, but it’s equally true that there are extremely capable people who would be willing and able to help – with or without a fee – if you allow yourself to ask them.

Maintaining a sense of balance requires that you are clear with yourself and others about what you can and cannot do. For instance, while caring for my elderly father, I would often feel remorse because he spent so much time alone, and I was concerned that he didn’t have enough stimulation or company. It was neither healthy nor possible for me to be the only one to visit him, so I did a little research and found a community organization that offered a free home visitation program– and voila!  The organization set up weekly visits and provided a host of other services that we hadn’t even inquired about.

It may take a little ingenuity, but if I was able to do it, you could do it, too! Asking for support doesn’t make you weak – rather it demonstrates your strength and courage.

Family members, friends, neighbors, churches and community organizations are there to help. One important caveat: Don’t get attached to who (or who does not!) respond. Sometimes, the help you need will come from the most unlikely places! Be open and willing to receive it.

* Have fun!

Along with keeping your weekly dates, make sure you plan to have a little fun on a regular basis. Having fun invigorates, inspires, increases the endorphins that lift our spirits and keeps us feeling strong and healthy. In his book, Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins talks about healing himself from cancer by, among other things, watching episodes of The Three Stooges. Laughter heals. It’s also good for circulation and stimulates the body’s organs. (Ever hear of Laughing Yoga?)

* Connect with Others

Coffee with a friend or a chat on the phone can be medicine for the soul.  Why not sweeten your live with a little natural sugar!

As always, I would love to hear your comments!

Theresa Conti is a Reconnective Healing™ Practitioner, CertifiedLife Coach and Workshop Presenter, specializing in helping her clients manage their stress, realize their dreams and live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. For more information, or to be placed on Theresa’s mailing list, please visit her website at, email her at or call her directly at 917-478-1722.

Copying (C) 2016 Theresa Conti.  All rights reserved.


January Challenge. Plus, Last Day For Special Offer   Leave a comment

“The cultivation of happiness is one of the most important skills anyone can ever learn.”  – Thich Nhat Hanh

I am always amazed when I look at the calendar (January 13 today!), and am in awe at how quickly the time flies! Like you, I am excited by the possibilities that the new year offers and the gifts that it contains.

We all wish to live healthy, happy and abundant lives. Our yearly rituals of setting intentions, creating goals and clarifying our dreams is a testament to our souls’ natural desire to expand and grow.  And, while fear may slow us down at intermittent points along the way, it will never prevent us from yearning for a bigger life. To be, experience and express more of who we are.

So, how do we step into our dreams and out of the way during times of doubt or despair and allow our souls to give birth to our new visions and ideas? Like a gardener who wishes his crops to grow, we must cultivate and fertilize the ground in preparation for our visions to unfold.

As Ernest Holmes states in his wonderful book, Creative Mind and Success,

“…we must become the thing we want. We must see it, think it, realize it, before the creative power of Mind can work it out for us…we must train our thought to see only that which we wish to experience, and since we are growing into what we are mentally dwelling upon, we should put all small and insignificant thoughts and ideals out of our thinking and see things in a larger way. We must cultivate the habit of an enlarged mental horizon.”

But how, you may wonder, do we do this?

Listed below are five powerful steps to assist you in cultivating and growing your own inner garden. Together, these steps will help you to weed out old mental patterns and charge your consciousness with new mental energy that fertilize the ground for your dreams to bear fruit. But don’t take my word for it – give it a try and see what happens! I invite you to take the challenge!

The January Challenge: 5-Steps To Increase Your Happiness

Experiment:  For the month…

1.  Do something every day that inspires you.

It could be prayer and meditation, inspirational reading, a walk in nature, taking photographs, writing, working on a project, painting, dancing, etc. Even five minutes a day is enough to free your creativity and connect to your Higher Mind.

2.  Don’t complain! (Probably the BIGGEST challenge!)

“Should” you catch yourself complaining – to yourself or someone else – simply notice, stop and redirect your attention to another thought, activity or conversation. It will help your friends, too!

3.  Keep a Gratitude Journal

Focusing on gratitude is more than a nice thing to do. It’s powerful. That which we appreciate and focus our attention on grows. Like giving nutrients to a plant, give thanks every day for all that you have and all that you have received – this could be as simple as a compliment or smile or something you consider more substantial that made you feel good. Be sure to include the ways you have brought joy and healing to others. Reread your entries every few days to remind yourself of all the Good you have both given and received.

4.  “Act as if” you already have want you want. Visualize it. Feel it. Experience It. Embrace it, with all of your senses, as if it is happening now. Do this every day! Twice a day will further prime the pump and up the ante! The feeling state is creative and will do wonders to enlarge your consciousness and shape your dreams.

5.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!**

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. Procrastination abounds! Suddenly that project you’ve been avoiding seems more intriguing than that exercise class you signed up for or writing your new book. Heck, even cleaning the refrigerator looks appealing! You get the picture. We’ve all been there. So, when  you notice yourself holding back, take a deep breath and reach out for support, if needed. Then, feel the fear and do it anyway!

Practicing any of these steps will help move you in the direction of your dreams and connect you to your spiritual source. Utilizing a combination of these steps – or all of them – will put you on the fast track. Do what you can, and remember, should you falter or forget, you can always begin a new experiment! (Progress, not perfection!)

As a helpful reminder, print or write out these five life-changing steps and place them throughout your home and office. Keeping them in the forefront of your mind will increase the likelihood of implementing them.  When you forget, simply start over again! And remember to dream!

I would love to know how it goes!

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With love,


**Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is a registered trademark of Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., which I have obtained permission to use.

© Theresa Conti 2016

Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing® Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator with more than 25 years experience in the healing field. Theresa specializes in helping her  clients manage their stress, realize their dreams, and live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.  To learn more, visit Theresa’s website or email her at


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Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool): Your Divine Destiny   Leave a comment


A couple of weeks ago, I happened to catch a talk by Bishop T.D. Jakes on TV and was enthralled. I was inspired to learn more about his uplifting philosophy, so checked a few of his books out of the library. To date, the one that stands out among the rest is entitled “Destiny.”

Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool): Your Divine Destiny

“Destiny has no expiration date.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Do you ever feel tired? Confused? Or like life has (or is) passing you by? Do you feel like you’ve missed your calling or don’t know what it is you are called to be or do?

The quote above proclaims the truth. It is a great reminder when tempted to think we have missed our calling or opportunities to make improvements in our lives.

We all question if we are on track, from time to time, or think we may be too old, not educated enough, etc. The truth is, as long as we are breathing, it’s never too late to change our lives and create a new direction.

If you have been feeling stressed, depressed or dissatisfied with some aspect as your life, I would like to encourage you. You don’t have to settle where you are. You may simply need to refuel and trust that your Divine Destiny awaits you when you are ready to say “yes,” and follow your calling.

This week, take a few minutes to sit quietly and ask yourself what wants to happen in your life. The answers will feel certain and right and you will experience a sense of quiet strength and knowingness within. Then follow the path before you.

With love,


What would you like to create in your life?  

Email and schedule a 30-Minute Complimentary Consultation. It would be my pleasure to serve you.

Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing® Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator with 25 years experience. Theresa helps her clients transform stress into positive change, so they can realize their dreams and goals and create happier, healthier more fulfilling lives.


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Message From The Divine: How to Welcome More Grace   Leave a comment


Are you in a season of lack or abundance? So much of what we experience depends on how open we are to receive that which we desire. This week’s Message From The Divine*** provides a reminder for how we can experience more of what we want.

With love,


***Messages From The Divine stem from inspiration writings and recordings created during my morning meditation. While they are answers to questions I ask about myself, they are universal in nature and may be helpful to you, as well. They are included here with little or no editing.

Message From The Divine: How To Welcome More Grace

“God wants to give you the desires of your heart.” – Joel Osteen

Be willing to receive and you will see the fruits of your desires manifest before you.

The gifts you desire cannot penetrate a closed door.

Let the Light shine through –

Even a speck will do

And you will experience God’s Grace


Would like to experience more Grace in your life? 

Email and schedule a 30-Minute Complimentary Consultation. It would be my pleasure to serve you.

Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing® Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator with 25 years experience. Theresa helps her clients turn their stress into opportunities for positive change, so they can realize their dreams and goals and create happier, healthier more fulfilling lives.


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