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Theresa’s TNT (Tip ‘N Tool) Focus on the Positive   Leave a comment

We all experience discouragement from time to time. The key, when in the midst of challenge, is learning to focus on the positive.

“If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of being a prophet.” – Isaac Bashevis Singer

It’s easy to feel frustrated when things don’t go our way, or take longer than we wish. We may become discouraged, and think that what we long for will never come to pass. Over time, if we don’t change the course of our thinking, the things we tell ourselves will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you would like a different outcome, and one that leads to your success, tell a different story, and shift your focus to your wins.


Keep a journal of all that’s going well.

At the end of every day, add a daily entry.

It will help to change your focus and increase your happiness and energy.

Need some ideas? Here are a few to get you started:


Caught an early bus, and made it to work on time!

Saw a friend you hadn’t seen in a while and enjoyed a lovely visit.

You saw a job posting in your field of interest, and filled out an application.

The sun was shining!

You took loving care of your body, and ate a nourishing meal.

You spoke up for yourself at a meeting.

Your car started!

Get the idea?


Try it for a month. Then, notice any changes in your outlook and your life.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the good things you notice are.

The benefits are yours to enjoy, and will come with daily practice.

With love, Theresa

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Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Author, and Workshop Leader with more than 25 years’ experience. Theresa specializes in helping her clients manage their stress, realize their dreams, and create greater health, happiness and fulfillment. She is trained in positive psychology, neuroscience, practical spirituality, among other modalities.

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Shifting from Lack to Abundance   2 comments


Everything begins in consciousness. What we think determines what we do, how we feel, what we say, and how much love and abundance we allow ourselves to receive.

“Other people don’t have to believe in [your] dream in order for it to come to pass.” – Joel Osteen

While other people don’t need to believe in our dreams, we do. We often deny our heart’s desires, and talk ourselves out of what we want because we think we’re not worthy or good enough to have what we desire or think that what we want is impossible to attain.

But everything begins in consciousness. As Goethe said,

“Whatever you can or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genus, power and magic in it.”

When we act upon our inspiration (known as the still small voice, our inner guidance and intuition, among other names), new opportunities avail themselves to us and increase our levels of joy, love, abundance and success. But we must be willing to say “yes” and take the actions required in order for our lives to blossom and prosper.

As I wrote in my little book of inspirational poetry, “I Am the Treasure,” the key is to

“Be mindful of the words you speak.
Being good friends, they do as you ask.”

In order to experience greater abundance in our lives, we must develop a consciousness equivalent to that which we desire. How?  By shifting the way we think of ourselves, our lives and our ability to manifest our dreams. In other words, the way we think is merely a habit that we can change.

The following 5-Steps will provide you the tools to elicit the change:

  1. Take time every day to look for the positive, in yourself, and others.
  2.  Focus on what you want rather than what you lack.
  3. Develop an attitude of gratitude. For an added bonus, keep a gratitude journal and list five things you are grateful for at the end of every day. You will sleep better, too!
  4. When you find yourself thinking negatively, or feeling out of sorts, shift your thinking to a better feeling thought by asking yourself “how would I like to feel?” The change may be subtle, but with practice, you will notice the difference.
  5. Give what you would like to receive. For instance,
    • If you want someone to be more patient with you, be patient with others.
    • If you want more love, find ways to share your love.
    • If you want more joy, make a list of the things you enjoy and do them.
    • If you want others to be kinder or more generous, be kind and generous to others.

By shifting your perspective from lack to one of abundance, you will see your efforts bear fruit as they transform and bless your life.

As always, I would love to hear your comments.

With love,


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Theresa Conti is a Certified Life Coach, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator with more than 25 years experience in the healing field. She is the author of “I Am the Treasure,” a book of inspirational poetry, and creator of “Harvest Your Light,” a guided meditation program. Theresa has created and facilitated workshops on stress management, work/life balance and other topics for private, corporate, non-profit and government organizations. Theresa specializes in helping her clients gain clarity and direction about their life paths, identify their dreams and make them come true. For more information, please visit Theresa’s website.

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